Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business strategy incorporates self-regulation, and we are aware of our CSR initiatives. We monitor and ensure that all of our business practices correspond to the law, ethical standards, international norms, and, of course, sustainability through the use of our CSR policy, which serves as an integrated self-regulating system.

It is our belief that companies need to accept responsibility for the effects of their operations on the environment, customers, workers, communities, and every other individual involved in the public domain. In addition, regardless of legality, enterprises should actively advance the public interest by supporting community development and progress as well as by voluntarily ending actions that negatively impact the public domain. In essence, our company's CSR means respecting the environment, culture, and community while consciously incorporating the public interest into business decision-making.

In collaboration with http://globalhelpfoundation.com, MSSTE engages in several social initiatives, including child sponsorship, among other things.