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Health & Medicine

There are challenges involved in trekking in Nepal which must be accompanied by careful consideration of health issues and adequate provision for medicines. Even though trekking guides or planners offer a first-aid kit that is sufficient, it may not be enough for possible internal injuries. Thus, having a stock of prescribed medicine is essential to respond effectively in case emergency occur during the trip.

Potential Health Issues During the trek:

  1. Muscle pain, spasms, foot problems, and blisters: wearing the right kind of footwear is necessary to prevent these health hazards.
  2. Loss of energy, eye infections, and nasal congestion: these concerns can be addressed by consuming energy-rich foods, using energy tablets and eye drops.
  3. Sore throat, cough, and common cold: Dehydrating high-altitude mountain air results in respiratory complications that can be resolved by wearing masks and abstaining from drinking alcohol or smoking.
  4. Diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomach: digestive problems result from unhygienic food and drinks while quality products can prevent digestion-based issues.

Essential medical accessories for travel:

A traveler is sure to find a well-stocked medical kit highly useful. Consider including the following items for your journey:

  1. Calamine lotion: it helps soothe the irritation caused by insect bites or stings.
  2. Imodium or lomotil: useful for upset stomachs.
  3. Antihistamine: decongestant for colds, allergies, and used as anti-motion sickness medication
  4. Antiseptic: it is important in the treatment of cutes and grazes.
  5. Antibiotics: significant for wounds and infections.
  6. Aspirin or Paracetamol: Gives pain or fever relief.
  7. Bandages and Band-Aids: useful for minor injuries.
  8. Scissors, tweezers, thermometer, insect repellent, sunblock lotions, water purification tablets, throat lozenges, eye drops, and antacid tablets: other medical supplies for a complete kit.

However, a pleasant trekking is complete until health and potentials issues are maintained. Thus, preparation in addition to an adequate medical kit enables trekkers to enjoy this adventure fully via staying healthy.