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Travel Insurance

All of our clients must have travel insurance when they are traveling with us. The trip cancellations, disasters, theft of baggage, loss of gear and equipment, personal injury, death, medical costs, repatriation expenses, helicopter rescue, air ambulance, and weather delays must all be covered by the travel insurance.

When traveling to Nepal, obtaining a comprehensive travel insurance policy is crucial, covering theft, loss, and medical issues. Carefully review policy details as some exclude activities like trekking, motorbike riding, bungee jumping, and rafting. Opt for a policy that includes medical and emergency coverage, especially helicopter evacuation for trekkers. Choose a policy that pays medical expenses directly and provides upfront payments.

In Nepal, medical treatment often requires immediate payment; ensure you keep receipts for potential claims. Some policies may require reverse charging to your home country for an assessment. Long-stay travel policies for Nepal offer various add-ons, such as adventure or extreme sports coverage, so conduct a thorough review before departure.

Consider potential activities in Nepal to tailor your insurance policy accordingly. Injuries are most likely to occur on roads, in hotels, remote locations, and trekking trails.

The Travel Bond Policy offers benefits like coverage for theft of personal money, including traveler's cheques, personal belongings, and travel documents. It also covers cancellations and curtailments due to family emergencies, medical expenses, emergency repatriation, and baggage delay.

Ultimately, the decision to travel and ensure personal safety rests with the traveler, making it essential to make well-informed decisions and choose appropriate insurance coverage. Conduct a detailed review of long-stay travel insurance providers to tailor the policy to your specific needs when traveling to Nepal.


Domestic flight cancellation or delay

In general, mountainous nations and regions are more prone to experience aircraft delays or cancellations owing to inclement weather and poor visibility. We won't be responsible for any additional costs or inconveniences in such a situation. We advise you to plan for a least of one or two extra days (particularly for Everest region treks) in advance to ensure you don't miss your international flight due to the unpredictable weather in the mountainous region. In addition, we advise you to include a little additional cash in case something unexpected happens.

Fitness and Health

It is important to be in good physical and mental health when trekking in high altitude areas. As a result, before traveling with us, we advise you to have a general practitioner (GP) examine you for health and fitness. Please let us know about any preexisting medical issues or limitations when making your reservation.


Participants under sixteen years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.


MSSTE is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of your personal data. We won't use any private or personal information you gave us when making a reservation for any other reason.


If you have any complaints regarding the trip, please let our staff know as soon as possible so that they can take the necessary steps to address them. Our first priority is making sure you are satisfied.

Applicable Law and Forum Selection

The primary office of MSSTE is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The laws of Nepal govern these terms and conditions. Any disagreement resulting from these terms and conditions will only be handled by the Supreme Court, High Court, and District Court in Kathmandu, Nepal. The parties agree that the Nepalese court is the proper forum for any claim or procedure brought in respect to these terms and conditions, and there is no case in any other country.